These Ducks Had Never Been In The Water Before. Even Rescuers Were Surprised How Happy They Got

You’ve probably heard the expression “takes like a duck to water.” It isn’t always that simple.

Two dozen ducks were among over 100 birds being kept by an animal hoarder in Upstate New York. The ducks were kept in a pen and suffered from inadequate nutrition, exposure, and general lack of care. They’d also never been in the water anytime in their lives! Staff at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary found out about this and decided to step in. Their initial contacts with the woman hoarding all these birds went reasonably well, but they were unable to convince her that, much as she cared about the animals, she just wasn’t able to take care of them. With support from the local SPCA, the sanctuary persuaded a judge to order that the birds be handed over.

In a successful rescue operation, the ducks were brought to the sanctuary. There, the birds’ needs were carefully attended to, including care from a vet. They were given good food, nutritional supplements, and even water with vitamins added. A grant from the ASPCA was a big help covering all the expenses. Once the ducks were healthy, it was time to integrate them into the flock that was already living at Woodstock Farm.

When the ducks were let out of the enclosure, some hilarity ensued when sanctuary staffers tried herding them toward a pond. As one of them quipped, “I saw a Benny Hill episode that was just like this.” Some of the ducks needed more persuasion than others, but in the end, they all got the idea. They’re definitely happy and having a great time! You’ll see all that and more in the video we’ve posted below.

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