She Was Dumped In The Streets By Her Owners Like Trash. But I Was Crying When THIS Happened!

Hope For Paws has executed an amazing number of wonderful rescues till date. They are one of the most dedicated and prominent animal rescue organizations ever. They received a call about a dog wandering around railroad tracks. So they headed out to search for it.

They were careful because they had been informed that the dog would run away when anyone tried to approach. It seemed the dog couldn’t see very well because the fur around her face had overgrown intensely. They gained her trust and named this adorable English Sheepdog Shayna.

Shayna had no tag or microchip on her, but they managed to find her owners after two days. But they said that they couldn’t care for her anymore and asked Hope For Paws to find her a new home. She is happy with her foster family now. Make sure your pets have collars or name tags or microchips!

After a bath and a haircut, Shayna is a truly beautiful dog and her personality really started to shine. Lisa Arturo fostered her, and she loved running and playing with Lisa’s dogs. She’s friendly and active and loves cuddles. And of course, she loves Eldad. They all love Eldad in the end, don’t they?

Please share to help find Shayna a loving forever home. She will make a wonderful companion and is so good with other dogs.

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