Dungarees Are A No No, School Dress Code From The 50s Discussed

What you looked like directly conveyed how you behaved, with most assumptions being scarily accurate in the 1950s. This clip from Hicksville High School in Long Island takes one through a look at proper attire.

The teacher in this 1950s video shows exactly what defines “not proper school attire,” referencing a group of “rebels” dressed the part to perfection while showing the ideal group of well-dressed students as well.

An ankle bracelet, dungarees, and drop earrings were unsuitable for school in the ’50s to ’70s, so was a form-fitting skirt and sweater. Open shirts were the number one sign of a rebel for guys, as were black jackets.

Today’s dress code would have driven any teacher from the ’70s crazy, but looking back at the golden era reminds one of just how special growing up mid-century was, even though quite a contrast from what’s considered “normal” today.