Duo Dances for First Time Together And Wins Swingtacular

Nick King and Victoria Henk never knew each other at all before dancing together in Dance Geek Production’s event called Swingtacular. The competition offers dancers a chance to compete in a format called ‘The Jack and Jill’ event. Here two dancers who don’t know each other are paired and then asked to dance to two different styles of music without any prior preparation. These two gelled from the very start, impressing with two routines that seemed as practiced as any other you may have seen before.

Without any nerves and without a fault to be found, Nick and Victoria wowed their fellow dancers with a seamless improv routine that showcased their skills perfectly. Their dance style seemed to convey professionalism and style only earned by years of practice as partners, but there was nothing of the sort. True talent shined in both the slow and fast songs.

Victoria Henk and Nick King’s impromptu dance routines in Swingtacular won them the competition, captivating with electrifying moves from the start. It’s a show that you can’t take your eyes off. It’s so hard to believe that they’ve never danced together before.