Husband & Wife Trapeze Artists Set The Stage on Fire With Dangerous Routine

The death-defying daredevil act known as ‘Duo Transcend’ is chomping at the bit for fame and fortune, but maybe they are biting off more than they can chew by tempting fate again.

Previously, this husband-and-wife trapeze act shocked the world when a sudden mishap almost ended in tragedy. Now they are back again. Judges and fans were on the seat of their pants due to a dizzying displaying of dangerous moves high above the theatre stage. The judges’ comments came in quickly:

The normally sleepy Simon was clearly alert and still a little dizzy from the jolting act when he quipped, “I thank you for nearly giving me a heart attack twice. How many ways are you trying to [kill] your wife? When we ask people to step up their game in the semifinal that was a step up. That was sensational. This is going to be something for you going forward. Best act of the night.”

Howie Mandel also offered some shaded compliments by referencing the couple’s 2-year-old boy in the video promo leading up to the at and said, “I saw the package with your beautiful 2-year-old. He is going to light fires and wear roller skates without a helmet. This should be a teaching moment.”

Judge Mel B echoed our own thoughts by complimenting the daring couple, “From start to end, it was nail biting. Best performance to date.”

Judge Heidi Klum was in complete agreement, adding, “I love you guys and I am always so glad that it is over.”

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Husband & Wife Trapeze Artists Set The Stage on Fire With Dangerous Routine