Dwarf Horse Thinks He Is House Pet, Best Friends With Labrador! So Cute!

There are so many miniature things – from bonsai to human dwarfs and even horses. When this little horse was born, the owners discovered that both parents carried the dwarf gene which resulted in a miniature horse that was even tinier than the miniature horses existing.

Standing at just 22 inches, Acer the miniature horse stood a chance of being put down had he had the bad misfortune of being born elsewhere. However, his loving owner couldn’t dream of doing that and as you can see form the video, has spent a lot of loving care and attention on the tiny horse.

It’s clear that this horse is unlike any horse you probably know. He isn’t allowed to enter certain areas because of his height and for this reason; Maureen keeps a close eye on him. She’s worried that he will enter the area where the big horses are and get trampled underfoot. His head reaches the knee height of those horses and the chance of a fatal accident occurring whilst with the big boys is a very real possibility.

Living happily at Maureen’s Miniature Horse Farm located in Corringham, Essex, he is so tame that he sometimes is allowed indoor privileges! You can see in the video that he walks about the house, sniffing objects just like how his best friend, a black Lab does. In many ways, Acer seems to identify being a dog more than a horse. He even goes for walks on a leash with his owner to the pub down the road.

His life is far from ordinary, but he doesn’t lack for anything at anytime. Maureen makes sure of that and the publicity he has received also makes sure that his popularity keeps on growing. This story is so endearing because it shows it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, we all have a part to play in life and there is a role for all of us.

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