Dying Of Cancer, This Dad Had A Final Message For His Baby. What He Said Had Me Crying For Hours!

When he was just 27-years-old, Nick Magnotti was so sick with cancer he only had a few months to live.

And it couldn’t have come at a worse time, because Magnotti had just become a new father.

But he didn’t want his newborn to lose out on knowing her dad, so his wife Alyssa took out the video camera and filmed the new dad so his child would always know she was loved by her dad.

Diagnosed with stage IV appendix cancer, the disease quickly spread to other parts of his body and stopped reacting to the usual cancer treatments.

When he decided to make this recording, he had little hope for surviving. And instead of going through the pain and suffering of medication in order to live just a little bit longer, Magnotti decided to pass away in peace.

But before being ready to leave this planet, Magnotti wanted to record this video so his beloved daughter had a positive memory of her father when she grew up. She was just 7-months-old at the time of the recording.

Sadly, just three months after this video was shot, Magnotti succumbed to the cancer.

His wife Alyssa Magnotti shared the following message in the video description on YouTube:

“He made this video because he wanted to share the peace that he felt even while facing death and to tell his 7 month old daughter how much he loved her. Nick passed away just three months after filming. He is now whole, he is at peace, and he is smiling his beautiful smile. He left behind his loving wife of five years and their sweet daughter.”

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