Dying Elderly Woman Approached by Hospice Worker While Asleep and Now I Can’t Stop Crying


Many of us have heard horror stories about nursing homes and hospice care facilities. We have heard reports of hospice workers abusing their positions and neglecting their responsibilities. When we have sick or elderly family members in need of additional specialized care, we know that we are ill-equipped to address their needs, but we are often fearful of sending them to these facilities because of the negative image that has built up in our minds.

This video overturns that image and shows us what a truly caring and meaningful experience can be like for those living in hospice care facilities. In what is normally thought of as a solemn and depressive environment, an elderly woman’s life is celebrated and reminded of the incredibly meaningful impact that she has had on the people around her throughout her life.

In Austinburg, Ohio, hospice worker Josh Woodward recognized one of his patients to be the woman who taught him to play the piano when he was nine years old, Mary Redmond. He wanted to find a way to truly express to her just how meaningful and important the time she spent with him had been. He wanted her to know that the time she spent teaching music had a great impact on the world and that these final years should be about the joy of looking back on a life well-lived.

In this touching and beautiful video, Josh sings an old hymn, “How Great Thou Art,” to Mary, letting her know that the music she taught him has stayed with him throughout his life and has helped shape him into the person he is today. Watch and see how this hospice care professional brings real joy and meaning to Mary and her family.

Dying Elderly Woman Approached by Hospice Worker While Asleep and Now I Can\'t Stop Crying