Dying Puppy Makes A Remarkable Recovery, Vet Ranch Staff Overwhelmed…

If you want inspiration to never give up, no matter how bad things seem, look no further than this video. We see a dog nearly on the brink of death, only to have a last-second recovery. It sounds like a cheesy feel-good story that you might see on a network like Lifetime or Hallmark, but this is a true event! Also, I challenge you to watch this and not become immediately attached to the pooch.

Things look dire for Lou, a puppy that was found on the streets. He’s dehydrated and the vet tech there has him in a warming blanket and has started to give him fluids in a last-ditch effort to save him. At first, the pup is laying there with a glazed stare… then after they have turned off the camera to let him rest, he lifts his head, which makes the vet tech nearly giddy with joy when that happens.

Lou wants to survive. We can see that when he’s in his cage, licking the shaved area where the fluids had been given to him intravenously. That means that he’s trying to get the site where the needle was to heal. He slowly gets more active and starts eating food out of Dr. Karri’s hand, first dry dog food and then more regular food. This is one pooch that’s on the mend. It’ so gratifying to watch.

It’s incredible that this little guy that we see wriggling in Dr. Karri’s lap is the same Lou that we saw at the beginning of the video. He’s also bounding around the floor, jumping on her leg to get her to give him some treats. Talk about a huge change. His foster family decides to make his foster home his forever home… and looking at this little guy, who can blame them? Here’s to another great Vet Ranch ending.

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