E.T. Comes Home For A Christmas Reunion That’ll Melt The Coldest Heart

A Holiday Reunion Featuring E.T. by XfinityTwo kids meet an unexpected visitor from outer space, but it doesn’t take long for the family to realize that this is actually an old friend of dad’s. E.T. arrives from a distant place in space, transporting us back in time to the magic of Christmas shared between this lovable alien and his first human family found in Elliot, now all grown up.

E.T. is a conscious plant-based being, not a male or female humanoid as many think. His return to Earth shows just how much relationships mean. After all, there’s no better time to rekindle bonds worn thin over time than during Christmas. We all remember his journey with Elliot as a child – now we get to witness the reunion years later.

This Xfinity ad is a fantastic tale to warm the heart and welcome the holidays. E.T. was one of the most globally recognized stories spreading unity and good tidings across Christmas, and the rest the year too. Its message made it an instant hit, and this E.T. holiday reunion holds the same festive spirit, helping us remember what matters most.