E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Won The Battle of The Christmas Adverts

‘E.T. Came Home For Christmas’ a Christmas Ad by SkyThe holidays is a time for togetherness. It’s a period when family members who often live completely different lives in different places of the world, come together to share in the joy of seasonal festivities. This heartwarming ad from Sky tells a beautiful tale, showing that even ET comes home for Christmas.

Little Elliot is all grown up by the time that his otherworldly childhood friend returns. Even though a significant span of time has passed, so much so that Elliot has kids of his own, E.T. has never forgotten the treasured time spent with his human confidant. We’re reminded of how little differences matter when we’re together, inspiring us to reconnect.

Sky has created a Christmas ad out of one of the most instantly recognizable tales of love bridging a divide ever told. E.T. warmed our hearts all those years ago, and once again manages to conjure a spirit of connectedness. With wonderful reminders like this paving the way to the big day, we’re sure to enjoy a truly blessed holiday.