Eager Dog Starts Flapping His Tail Uncontrollably. Now Watch Who Walks Through The Door…

After spending 9 months fighting for his country in Iraq, an American soldier has the most beautiful reunion with his friends and family. His dogs’ reactions are surely the best of them all! A great amount of the man’s friends and family gathered just to see his return, but the two most excited members of the group were his two dogs, without a doubt.

We love to see the excitement that dogs feel when they reunite with their human partners; since their some of the friendliest and loyal animals ever, their reactions are always priceless. They receive the man after being apart for almost a year, and the way they do it is by presenting him with their favorite toys. It’s beautiful because they knew that it was him even before he walked through the door so that they could see him! It’s a really amazing sight.

If you’ve ever had a dog live with you at home, you know that they can be quite enthusiastic when receiving their beloved human friends after long days of work. But these doggies are on a whole new level when it comes to excitement! You have to see how they wrestle their friend to the ground with kisses yourself just to have an idea.

Watch this adorable puppy reunion for yourself in the video featured right below here.

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