Eager Yellow Lab Can’t Contain Joy When Meeting New Baby Sister

What’s not to love about a friendly yellow labrador retriever? They’re sweet, warm, gentle, and full of puppy kisses. Many families choose yellow labs due to how well they interact with other pets and young children.

Stella is an adorable dog that is the definition of a sweetheart. The charming canine experienced a heartwarming moment when her owners brought home their new baby for the first time. Stella could hardly contain her excitement.

The precious newborn lay relaxing in her carrier when Stella slipped her nose in to kiss her. There was a lot of tail wagging, and the darling infant even cracked a smile. You can tell that Stella is beyond thrilled to be a big sister.

Dogs make great lifelong companions, no matter how old we are. We’re sure that Stella is going to bring so much joy to her baby sister’s life. She’s just got to be patient enough for her to grow up to play endless games in the backyard. Until then, it’s naptime.

Eager Yellow Lab Can\'t Contain Joy When Meeting New Baby Sister