Eagle Lost Her Beak After A Poacher Shot Her Down, But Wait Until You See How They Saved Her

This next video is about a the very serious subject of poaching and the horrible effect it has on wildlife. Beauty, the bald eagle featured in this video, was horribly injured when a poacher shot her and she was badly injured. The poacher was not able to kill this beautiful creature; however, he did enough damage to ruin her life and make her unable to feed herself, which would mean a slow and certain death.

The poacher shot Beauty in the face and her beak was pretty much gone. Because of this, Beauty was unable to feed herself or clean her feathers and was slowly falling apart. It would have been a slow death for her, and a painful one. Even though she was not hurt anywhere else, her most important weapon for survival was taken away from her. This is what happens in many poaching attempts where the poacher is unsuccessful at killing the animal. The animal is injured and ends up dying a slow and painful death.

It was initially advised that Beauty be euthanized, but a group of scientists, engineers, an artist and even a dentist joined forces to hear the plight of this injured beauty and try to help her. The operation which was at first thought to last for an hour was prolonged to two hours, but none of them backed down, and luckily they succeeded.

Will Beauty be able to survive after this surgery? Will this group be able to restore her power once again? Watch this video to find out. We’d love to hear from you. And I hope you think this video is worth sharing on Facebook, because it brings valuable awareness to the horrible act of poaching and the fact that more needs to be done to stop it.

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