Earthquake Shatters Glass And Frightens People In Mexico, People Take The Streets.

Mexico still remembers de earthquake of 1985. It was an ordinary day for many. People were just getting to work or school. Other people were having breakfast. It was just another day. At about 7:17 am, everything changed. People started feeling the earth move and it was unlike anything they had felt before. Because they did not have any way of knowing what to do, they were not prepared.

People tried to remain calm despite the situation. Seconds went by and the shaking was not going away. People start to worry. Some people wander the streets others stay home. For some of the ones that stayed home, it would prove to be a deadly mistake. This earthquake registers at 8.1 and lasted about two minutes. Buildings collapsed, hospitals, work buildings, schools. It was chaos, thousands died. Many people were never recovered.

Fast-forward to 2012. At around noon, Mexico is hit again by another long earthquake. This one, 7.4 on the Richter scale, lasts a little over two minutes. Many buildings suffer damages, bridges come down. People are visibly shaken in the streets. Some of the people who experience this quake were also present for the one in 1985. It stirs up memories they were trying to leave behind.

The images made their way to the news. You could see cars and buses crushed by bridges that had collapsed on top of them. Many people were injured. Many people had nervous breakdowns. When you go through such a traumatic experience, it is very difficult to forget.

On September 7th, 2017, another earthquake shook Mexico once again. This time 8.1 according to unofficial sources. This one lasts close to two minutes. The time is about 11:50 pm. People fill the streets of every neighborhood. Flashes of what happened in 1985 and 2012 fill people’s minds. You can see some people crying, adults and children alike. What makes this quake so frightening? The last one was devastating and it was less strong, the one in 1985 was 8.1 and about the same length. This one is 8.0 according to unofficial sources.

People are calling their relatives from their cell phones. Some people have relatives in the United States. They are calling to let them know that they are okay. No official sources have released any figures on injured people yet, but the feeling you can get in the streets is grim. An 8.0 quake is extremely dangerous and destructive. The last deadly quake to hit Mexico was in 2012. It registered at 7.4.