This is the Easiest Way to Prevent Your Car Windows from Fogging Up During the Winter

Fed up with fogged up windows in the morning? It’s a timeconsuming pain in the you-know-what, isn’t it? Here’s a handy and immediately useful solution that works.

Widespread yet often overlooked cold weather driving hazard is fogged-up car windows. Humidity inside the car, including moist air coming from your lungs, condenses on the cold window glass, creating a thick film that’s difficult and sometimes impossible to see through.

Driving when you can’t even see out the windows is a bad idea! Cars have defrost systems that can help clear the windows — though usually just the front and back, not the side windows — but defrosters don’t always work well or quickly.

If you’re tired of wiping the windows with your sleeves and hands while also trying to drive and you’re sick of fiddling with the climate control settings in an attempt to blast the window fog away, you’ll be glad to hear there’s a simple trick that prevents windows from fogging up in the first place. DaveHax, YouTube’s resident source of easy but useful do-it-yourself tips has the solution, and we’ve posted his video for you below.

All you’ll need is a pair of socks with no holes in them, some cat litter (preferably the silica crystal type), and a rigid ring of some sort (a roll of packing tape is perfect). If you stretch the sock over the role of tape, or whatever other things you’re using, it’ll be easy to pour the cat litter in. Once the sock is full, remove it from the ring or tape roll and tie it off.

Now slip the other sock over the litter-filled one; this will reduce the likelihood of a rip causing an annoying spill. All that’s left is to place it in the car. Find someplace convenient but useful. This could be under a seat, on the dashboard, or in a door pocket.

Within a hours, you should notice that the litter is absorbing plenty of extra moisture, significantly reducing your window fog problem.

This is the Easiest Way to Prevent Your Car Windows from Fogging Up During the Winter