Easily Bring Food Inside Your Home Without Exposing Yourself to the Coronavirus

With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, everyday life changed for millions of people. While it depends on where you’re living and what orders are set in place, you may not even be able to leave your house for anything that isn’t essential.

People increasing the amount they wash their hands is a significant first step to avoid getting the virus. There are a plethora of other measures that some are adhering to as well. This includes wearing masks and gloves when shopping for groceries.

There’s no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted by food, but there it has been shown to live on cardboard for up to 72 hours. The thing is, it’s not the food that you should be worried about, it’s the people in the store around you.

The best tips that you can apply are the ones that are already in place. Look for markers on the grocery store floor to keep a safe distance from someone else. Don’t pay with cash. Wash your hands thoroughly after using a keypad and even go as far as to sanitize your debit card.