Attn Students: This Fantastic, Quick-n-Easy Recipe Will Give You Breakfast For a WEEK

As we all know, being a college student not only means that you have to live off of a very strict budget (unless your parents are flipping the bill). Being a college student also means there is homework, classes, and a job to get to in order to pay that tuition. So as many of you can agree, it can get pretty busy and hectic.

The first thing almost all students compromise on is meals. It is okay to eat take-out now and then, but sometimes that becomes more common because you don’ t have time to think about all that cooking stuff, as well as study.


If your mom didn’t give you ideas on any short-cut meals to prepare, thankfully it won’t take too much time out of your studies to find a few good ideas like the guy in our video. What this guy does with hash browns, bacon, shredded mild cheddar, and some eggs is amazing.

With the addition of a muffin pan, pan spray, aluminum, and an electric hot plate or griddle, you can make a breakfast that will last the whole week. Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is! This is not only a great idea for college students, but it’s also a fantastic idea for busy parents!