When Ed Sheeran performs the cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” the whole audience gets goosebumps!

There have been a few songs that when performed as a cover, make you smile and take you back. I could name a few of them like “Hotel California” from the Eagles. This group broke many records with their hit performances. This is probably one of their most emblematic songs.

It is songs like this one that define a complete era for an artist. This song was particularly good because there were a lot of myths surrounding it. People and conspiracy theorists would argue the fact that it had ties with occult practices. The musical band said it was not the case. It was just a song they wrote that many people love.

Another of these groups was Guns ‘N Roses. They had a few of those singles. They were very fortunate to have lived in an era where heavy metal music was winning reaching its greatest increase in followers. Their songs have been covered by many different artists. Some of these covers have been done in the most unusual of rhythms.

The band broke up and some of them tried to make a solo career. They figured that if they had had a successful career as a band, they would take some of their old fans and turn them into their own. The guitar player, Slash, had a couple of CDs, but he was not able to mimic the success he had when he was part of the group.

The next song is a totally different one. We are also talking about a different era. The seventies brought nostalgia back with a little bit of “rebel sense” into it. Renowned artists were born here and solidified their careers. Very few of those songs could pass the test of time. The few of them who did will surely hang around for many years to come.

There are a few songs hit songs from the seventies that transcend eras. They are hit singles that sound as good today as they did a while ago. 1971 was the year when one of these hits was written. This song was written by Bill Withers and it is called, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” It’s a song that has gone down as a timeless masterpiece. It is a song that still puts me in the best of moods to this very day. Many singers have tried to recreate Bill Withers’s magic by covering the song. Many have tried, but few have succeeded — until now.