Ed Sheeran performs ‘Visiting Hours,’ a song written for a friend he lost

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran performed an emotional song in a pub for the “TikTok UEFA EURO Show with Ed Sheeran.” The song was called ‘Visiting Hours.’ Before he started, he explained what the song was about.

The song was written for a close friend of Ed’s who passed away, and he finished the song when he flew over to Australia for the memorial. The pub he was performing in was at Portman Road in Ipswich, UK.

Behind Ed, a choir was seated on the blue couches, and there was a pianist beside him. The ceiling of the pub was low and on the walls hung the Ipswich town football club flags.

Ed Sheeran

Everyone was wearing black, and Ed Sheeran’s voice was more emotional and passionate than usual. He sang about catching up with the friend, and he can’t wait to meet him again.

The choir sings beautifully with Ed. Their voices blend harmoniously together, creating a heavenly sound. Ed plays guitar while the pianist plays along with him. It is a heart-wrenching performance.

Ed Sheeran reminds everyone that we should always cherish the people we love. His voice carries the message to the friend he can’t help but miss dearly. The music fills the empty pub.

The choir remains in their seats as they sing, and Ed finishes the song with a bittersweet smile on his face. He walks over to the pianist, and they bump fists.

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