Ed Sullivan welcomes Jim Henson’s hysterical Muppets in 1970

Ed Sullivan has welcomed hundreds of guests over the years. Most of them have been human, but in 1970, Sullivan welcomed ‘The Muppets’ to sing ‘What Kind of Fool Am I?’

Kermit the Frog sits at a mini-grand piano. He is wearing a purple suit as he begins playing the introduction. Once he starts singing, Grover appears, walking past in the background. After the 2nd line of the song, Grover interrupts him to ask him what he’s doing.

Grover wants in on the song. He keeps telling Kermit they should sing together. Kermit responds, ‘The frog sings alone!’ Kermit starts the intro again while Grover swoons back and forth. He interrupts again, saying, ‘That’s a nice song.’ Kermit is getting frustrated.

Grover interrupts another time, saying, ‘Ooo, you play good….for a frog.’ The audience loves it and laughs right along. Grover can’t resist, and he begins singing a verse. Kermit isn’t happy, and he stops playing.

Grover apologizes and leaves the scene. Kermit starts belting out the song’s finale. Grover reappears, strumming a banjo. Kermit is so mad and asks, ‘Why are you playing a banjo?!’ Grover looks him in the eye and replies, ‘You told me not to sing!’

Grover is apologizing while weeping uncontrollably and making noise. Kermit looks at the audience and says, ‘Maybe I should let him sing.’ Grover immediately peps up and says, ‘Come on guys, he said that we could sing!’

To Kermit’s dismay, all the other muppet characters pile into the scene and finish the song with loud, boisterous voices. It is a funny sketch by the great Muppets from Jim Henson.

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Ed Sullivan welcomes Jim Henson’s hysterical Muppets in 1970