When Their Eight Children Came Home For Christmas, Mom And Dad Had No Idea This Was Going To Happen

Many people often tend to forget that holidays are all about family and traditions. This video is a great reminder to all of us that this is so true. It shows us what true holiday spirit looks like! The family featured has been following an amazing family ritual for the past four years, and I suspect it will continue for many years to come. They come together every year on Christmas to dance to a Christmas song, and they put together an amazing routine this year.

The man who posted this adorable home footage says that this is their best work yet. According to him, there are eight children in the family, half of whom are already married and have their own kids. Wearing their mom’s “quirky” Christmas sweaters is another thing they do every year that only adds to the festive video. This year, they decided to dance to Justin Beiber’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and I think it was a great choice.

This family really goes all out in this video. Their dance routine has some great moves and must have taken a long time to choreograph. There are some really great dancers in this family too, but everybody gets a chance to share in the limelight in this clip.

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