Eight Kids Give Their Parents the Most Amazing Christmas Gift EVER!

Holiday family gatherings can be torturous affairs. Coordinating schedules, pick-up times, who stays in what room… those can be major drags. Let’s not even get into family drama. People not talking to each other. It’s bad enough with two or three siblings, but eight? That sounds like something out of “Dante’s Inferno.” Police intervention is sometimes necessary in those cases.

That’s not the situation with the family in this awesome video. These eight kids banded together to start a holiday tradition: performing a dance in front of their parents. Not just any dances though – this group does elaborate choreography, some of which would not be out of place in a Cirque Du Soleil show. They chose a Justin Bieber song for this particular dance. Their costumes are the sweaters that their mother gave them. The dance is performed in their living room, so it’s not high-budget.

It’s heartwarming to see this kind of family bonding – though it’d be interesting to see behind-the-scene footage of their rehearsals. “Bobby! Stop stepping on my foot! If you do that ONE more time, I drop you during our big lift-off scene!” Though from the looks of this group, any squabbling is kept to a minimum. If they were a TV show, they’d be on one of those wholesome family networks.

Anyone asking what holiday spirit is should just be shown this video, pronto. It encapsulates family love, cooperation, creativity, and fun. Here’s hoping that Mom didn’t “reward” them with yet another sweater. Though that could just be setting up planning for the next dance.

I’m an only child, so I couldn’t do anything like this. This video is also probably the only thing that makes me want to have a lot of siblings. Leave a comment below about any sibling revelry you might have.

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