Eight-Month-Old Baby and Her Kitty Cat Wake Up From A Nice Long Nap

We’re all familiar with adorable babies and how innocent they are. That is exactly the thing that makes videos like this one so sharable and compelling. But there’s an added element of cute to this video and it’s in the form of a cat. These two innocent cutie-pies are just waking up from a nice and long nap they took together, and they’re looking as comfy and cozy as you could ever imagine! It almost makes me want to take a nap with my kitty right now.

The name of this cute little girl is Darla, and she’s just barely eight months old at the time of this video’s recording. She’s resting with her new baby kitten, Eevee, and they look very peaceful as they wake up out of dreamland together in this adorable clip. Darla and her kitten became best friends the moment they met, and they do everything together, including taking a nap. Just looking at them all cuddled up together fills me up with joy. I just imagine the two of them growing up together and learning all kinds of great things from each other. Videos like this one are the best!

The baby’s eyes are stunning, and it just makes the video of them waking up at the same time even cuter that it should be. I can’t wait to show this video to all my friends!

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