Eight Week Old Mule Wants Mom To Play With Her, But When She Turns Around? HYSTERICAL!

Humans get excited about a lot of different things, especially animal videos. We get enthusiastic about meeting old friends, or may be acquiring a new skill, or even simple things like eating cake! And as this clip shows, this emotion is not only prevalent in humans, but in animals as well. Take for example the adorable dancing mule featured in the video below! She sure is excited about something!

Raven is only eight weeks old, and according to her owners, she is very full of herself. She’s happy, healthy, and also very joyful, and she sure shows it in a unique way. In this video, she is “fighting” with a small white rock and showing off. Her antics are one of the cutest things you will ever see today!

Raven is a high spirited mule, and I’m sure she’s a handful for her mother to care for. In this clip, mom stands by watching, but seems to be shaking her head at how silly this girl is. Raven sure seems to be enjoying herself and the beautiful day, though.

At one point, she even falls down due to all the excitement, but that little slip doesn’t stop this spirited girl! She hops right back up again, shakes it off, and continues her happy dance. She’s quite a good kicker, too. I don’t recommend standing too close behind her!

Watch this adorable video below! Did Raven crack you up with her silly dance? Let us know what you thought about this clip in the comments section!

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