Eight-Year-Old Girl Is On News Channel For Being Bullied. What She Said Next Made Me Sad.

It’s a nightmare situation that causes many parents to wake up in a cold sweat every night – their child is being bullied. The problem is that for a good amount of these mommies and daddies are facing this exact scenario. What’s worse is that bureaucratic red tap can prevent any real progress from being made and sometimes that can turn tragic if the victim does something like commit suicide. This video shows one situation that’s really bad – and needs to have something done.

We see Natalie Lawrence, an eight-year-old Illinois girl who has had to go to the hospital twice for injuries sustained while being bullied at a playground. Her mother is understandably upset by the lack of movement by the school. Her daughter had already missed a week’s worth of classes since she didn’t want to go back. Would you blame her? I wouldn’t. School’s hard enough without this

Of course, the school officials are telling the newscasters that they know of an “incident” but they say they are investigating it. Also, because of the ages of the people involved, they can’t say the names of the would-be bullies. Yes, these bullies might be lashing out at incidents going on in their own homes, but that’s another matter completely. People like Natalie should not be living in fear of going to school.

The aggravating thing is that there’s a “See No Evil” mentality among the school officials. They are also afraid of angering the bully’s parents too that they over-investigate it, which takes a long time and still opens the door for more incidents to happen in the interim, since the original victim is now likely labeled a “snitch” and others may take their frustrations out on the victim. Something has to change, or more things like this will happen.

What a heartbreaking video. I felt so bad for Natalie and her mother. Hopefully something can be done to stop this from happening again to her. What would you do if this were your child? Please leave a comment below!

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