Eighty-six-year-old grandpa crafts a new passion! Adorably warm message will melt your heart!

When you’ve accomplished so much in life, there’s no reason to stop. A lesson we warmly learn thanks to one Georgia based great-grandpa. Eighty-six-year-old, Ed Moseley was full of life and hated growing complacent. He liked to keep busy, even if it meant learning how to knit. His assisted living community was part of a very noble project. When Georgia based Mosely learned of their aim, he wished desperately to be a part of it.

Having no prior knowledge or experience in knitting, Mosely asked his daughter for help. After a dash to the arts and crafts store, Mosely was set to begin his exciting adventure into knitting. His humble beginnings into the high paced world of knitting showed promise. Fall 6 times, get up 7. Mosely, with his background as an engineer, proved admirably how dedicated he was to the goal.

After four days of the basic “stitch one, pearl two,” Mosely was well one his way to becoming a skilled knitter. After crafting an astounding fifty-five beanies, he became unstoppable! With news of his rapid progression, many joined in Mosely’s quest. Upon hearing Mosely’s heart-warming story, a care worker showed his belief in the project and overwhelming support of one-hundred beanies. News spread fast, and before you knew it, a local high school joined in with an additional hundred beanies.

The movement continued gaining momentum, with Mosely attempting to top the previous donations. It was by no means a competition, as all parties involved acted out of the goodness of their own hearts. Each beanie filled them with a bit more hope. Each donation filled them with a bit more happiness and joy.

When you see what Ed worked so hard on! And the precious recipients of this most kind hearted gift? Will fill your eyes with warm appreciation.
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