An Elder Man Nursed This Fox Back To Health. You’ve Never Seen One Like THIS!

Even the wildest animal species there are on Earth can eventually be tamed, once they get to feel understood and comfortable with humans. But this isn’t always easy. Foxes are widely loved and looked for in many parts of the world, and even though they look like they could be great pets, it’s extremely hard to successfully domesticate one. Despite this, in the video below, we will see a case where this exact thing happens. It takes some extraordinary circumstances to make something this special! You have to watch for yourself.

His name is Cropper, and he was found by his new owner and roomie after having been in a fierce fight with a dog, in the street. He was badly wounded, and he was later found to have toxoplasmosis, so he needed some serious attention and caretaking right away. Thankfully, his rescuer nursed him back to health himself, and the fox became so attached to him that he now lives with him inside his own house. They look so cute together; Cropper even rides him on his shoulders!

Watch this heart touching video right below. Did you know that foxes could be this friendly? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section!

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