This Elder Woman Shows Us She Got MOVES. Don’t Miss What She Does With Her Feet! OMG!

Some people think that getting older is the same as losing your youthful spirit, and your ability to love new things. But as this grandma shows us in the video, they are terribly mistaken!

When this elderly woman takes her turn on the dancefloor, you won’t believe what your eyes tell you. Even though she is already a hundred years old, she has the youth and the spirit of a lady still in her prime. The woman’s name is Lorraine, and her moves are going to leave you amazed!

The retirement home Lorraine lives in held a special event, and she took her chance to steal the show with her incredible dancing. She demonstrates that being older doesn’t make you limited or less fun. We have to be happy with what we have, because no matter what, life always gives us the chance to get better.

You shouldn’t pass any opportunity to seize the moment and have the time of your life, no matter what your age is. And now, even though I’ve never tried it, this great woman made me want to learn how to dance myself!

You can watch Lorraine tear it up in the video we have below. Remember to share your thoughts in a comment, and if you liked the video, share it with your friends and family!

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