Elderly Couple See Young Kitten Walking In Their Yard. They Couldn’t Believe Her Companion!

There are just some times when you see the most bizarre animal pairings. The one that we see in this video between a kitten and a crow may top the list, at least for me. The thing that kept this cat from trying to eat this bird is that they met at a very young age, before their basic instincts could kick in. Then it was too late for them to even kick in, they had been overwritten by their friendship. Just watch…

The couple saw a kitten and a crow in their yard. They couldn’t believe how well the two of them were getting along. At first they thought the kitten needed food, so the wife left food out, but then they realized that the crow was digging into the ground and feeding the kitten! Amazing. Stunned, they called their local vet, who seemed to think that they were trying to pull his leg at first…

As time went by, the duo forged a bond, even when Cassie, the cat started living at the couple’s home. Moses, the crow would waiting outside and the two would go off and play, though it was a strange sight to see the two wrestling on the ground. Stranger things have happened, though, and it was even amusing to see the crow munching on hard cat food, though he would let the kitty have the larger share.

The only thing that made me sad here was that the person who introduced the video was the recently deceased Alan Thicke, who died in 2016. This was filmed in 1999, so Cassie is now, if still alive, almost 18 years old. Moses apparently flew off in the late 2000’s, never to be seen again. There was even a book about their friendship. We could all learn something about these two species getting along.

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