Senior Couple at Dance Show Everyone the Art of Swing

The art of swing dancing dates back to the 1920s. While there are some young people who enjoy it as a hobby, it’s no surprise that the older generations still dominate the fun, energetic form of dance. Even so, I was not expecting what happened when this couple took the floor.

“Pete and Beulah Mae” seem to be just like any other grandparents at first sight. When they walked out onto the floor, no one expected them to do a whole lot of dancing — holy cow that was surprising. I mean, it looked like they had enough trouble just walking. But of course, maybe they aren’t really as old as they look? 🙂 But when the music started playing over the speakers? Watch how they warm up and go. WOW.


They put on an incredible show that combined incredible dancing skills along with a good bit of humor. Something tells me that no matter how old these two dancers get, they will never be too old for dancing.

This pair, regardless of their ages, shocked the lights out of everyone when they walked onto the dance floor and started doing all that fancy footwork. Not only are they groovy, but their energy is also absolutely, positively contagious. I mean, my feet started moving on their own.

Senior Couple at Dance Show Everyone the Art of Swing