This Senior Sits Down at A Piano at A Bus Stop. Now Watch What She Does With It

No one wants to hang out at a bus stop, and lots of luck ever being entertained while you sit and wait. This clip below will have you thinking again.

Maybe there should be pianos out on every sidewalk! When this beautiful senior woman shows up at a bus stop it’s not for a reason we might have expected. The emotional performance that she gives will take your breath away.

When she sits down no one expects what comes next. But instantly it’s apparent that she is not just playing scales, it’s incredible how fast and gracefully her fingers move and glide across the keyboard. The sound that she produces starts to draw a crowd and who can blame them? This woman is a gift from God.

Even though she appears to be arthritic, you won’t be able to get enough of her fantastic finger work and be transported to another place by the beautiful music that she is playing.

Check out this incredible clip and see if you’re not inspired to go learn how to play yourself. Please share it and then leave your comments below in the section provided.

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