Elderly Mother Talks To Daughter. I Was So Moved By How Powerful Her Statement Was.

Dealing with an aging parent is hard. Watching someone who was your rock and strength throughout your childhood becoming weak and frail is something that no one wants. But it happens. That person who was sharp as a whip can suddenly begin repeating things, which can be aggravating. But they need you to become the strong one. To show them love. This video tells of an aging mother asking her daughter to understand what she’s going through.

It’s all text being shown on a picture of an elderly woman and her daughter facing each other, holding hands and touching their foreheads to each other. The mother asks the daughter for her patience if she repeats things a thousand times and asks her to remember when she read the same story every night when she was a child, falling asleep. I’d amend this to also watching the same episode of a kid’s show 800 times in a row..

She also asks her to be patient if she doesn’t want a bath and reminds her of the times she chased her daughter as a child to get her to do the same. The mother asks the daughter to be patient with her when it comes to new technology, since she was kind in teaching her how to do things like comb her hair and other things. All in all, she just asks her to love her like she loved her child when she was growing up.

We all have our everyday aggravations. They can seem even larger when they are being done by someone that you look up to. The rational side of the brain can keep saying that this is just the cycle of life. The irrational side screams, “Why can’t they remember that they said that five minutes ago?” They have to be able to merge together and realize that yes, it is aggravating, but it’s out of their control. We don’t want to look back at these moments with regret. That’s something we will never forget.

What a powerful message in this video. It made me miss my own mother. How about you? Have you had trouble with a parent? Tell us your stories in the comments section below! We’d love to hear them.


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