Elderly woman catches 4 boys sneaking into her yard. She is left speechless when she realizes what they’re doing

Taking care of our elderly in their time of need is one the American staples. There are times when this is not possible. Some of our elderly citizens are living alone and don’t really have anyone to turn to when they have a problem. One of these instances is whenever they need to go to court. Going to court is intimidating for most of us already. If you are 75 years old, it’s even more so.

75-year-old Suttle is your typical senior citizen. She lives in a nice house with a nice-sized yard. The problem is, her grass is getting long and needs cutting. The state has regulations regarding this and not following them carries some penalties. Many people are not aware of this. For them, keeping their garden neat is something that is totally up to them.

The judge issued an arrest warrant. Apparently, she had been summoned to court and was sent some papers. She says she never got them. She failed to appear in court and her grass was still too tall. Her neighbors were shocked when they found out. How could something like this even happen?

A group of kids decided to do something about it. They got together one day and snuck into Suttle’s home to do something for her, they would cut the lawn for free. They started working under the blazing heat and a couple of neighbors also pitched in when they say what the little kids were up to. One if the neighbors even had a tractor, so it made mowing a lot faster.

For these neighbors, nothing is worth sending an elderly woman to jail. Especially not for a case like this. The neighbors agree that under her conditions, she couldn’t afford to have to pay all this money for her lawn to be mowed. She obviously could not do it herself considering the size of her yard. It would take her forever!

So, the neighbors all worked hard and in just a matter of two hours, her lawn was ready. It took a few minutes for Suttle to realize what was going on in her yard. She went outside and when she saw everything, she could not believe her eyes. She says that there are very few moments when she is left speechless and this is one of them. She doesn’t have words to thank everybody who showed up to lend her a hand, especially the kids. Click on the video to watch the conclusion.