Elegant DIY Wine Bottle Candle Lanterns Will Dazle Your Guests

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“There are so many options for lighting using glass bottles because there is just something so magical about a candle flickering through the glass. For those of you who feel they need to justify all the wine they drink, here’s a great way to recycle and “up-cycle” the empty bottles.

While these charming bottle tea light holders are sold online, you can make them yourself relatively easily. To start this project, you’ll need to cut the bottom off your chosen glass bottle. It does involve cutting, so some common-sense safety is required obviously. However, watch this YouTube video tutorial for an easy way to do this.

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Next, you will strip the copper wire out of an electrical wire. Depending on the size of your bottle, you’ll only need about two or three feet of wire. Once it’s completely stripped, slightly bend one end of the wire to create a small hook. This hook is what you’ll use to hang your light inside the bottle.

On the opposite end of the wire, using the handle of a screwdriver or something similar, wrap the copper wire around it four or five times to create a little coil that you’ll put your tea light down into. Once your tea light is seated in this coil, tie a string (twine is used in this example for a rustic look) onto the hook end of the coil and feed the string through the neck of your bottle.

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Using hot glue to secure it in place, wind some of the extra twine along a few inches of the bottom of the glass. This is the step that will help hide any of the imperfections left over after you cut the bottom of the glass off earlier. You can add a little bit to the base of the bottle neck, too, if you really want to bring the look together.

That’s all you have to do. Now you’re ready to hang it wherever you like. Try switching this up with different colors of glass bottles, and if you’re a bit nervous to use traditional tea lights, you can always use the synthetic ones.

These bottle tea lights would make a romantic addition to both an indoor or outdoor wedding or event. Or you can just choose to use them to enjoy in your own space. However you choose to use them, they will be conversation starters for sure.”

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Elegant DIY Wine Bottle Candle Lanterns Will Dazle Your Guests