This Elephant Calf Can Barely Walk And Collapse In The Middle Of The Road Until His Herd Does This!

It’s hard being a newborn baby. You don’t have much strength, your coordination comes and goes with a will of its own, and you constantly rely on others for basic things. Take for example the baby elephant in the video. As he’s walking on the road, his legs suddenly decide to give out on him and he stumbles and falls on the road, unable to get up. See what happens to him in the video!

The other elephants from the calf’s herd came to the rescue. They knew that this little guy wouldn’t be able to get up by himself so they all tried to help him. At first they tried to push him to the edge of the road, but that wasn’t working, he was too heavy! So they tried a different approach: they placed their feet in such a way that the calf could use them as supports to prop himself up. And he did just that!

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