An elephant charges a man on bike, once she lifts her trunk, her reasons are obvious.

What’s the worst possible start you could have to your day? A flat tire on your car, a pounding headache when you wake up or even the flu, which seemed to appear overnight…. What about being charged by an angry elephant while riding you pushbike…….yep, that’ll do it…….the worst possible start to a day that you can imagine. But never fear, the day can only get better from here so let’s enjoy it.

Elephants as we all know are very protective of their families and will stop at nothing to protect them. When a large cow starts to clear traffic on a busy road in a national park, you had better believe that there has to be a good reason, after all, cars and elephants rarely cross paths without some trouble occurring.

In the clip below, we see just how protective of their own kind that these magnificent beasts are. The poor man on the pushbike had no idea why he was being chased, but videographer “Jasoprakas Debdas” had an inkling that something amazing was about to happen.

Our man “Josoprakas” travels the world photographing and vidoegraphing wild animals, he then shares them on the web for all that want to enjoy nature at its best. His travels have taken him too many locations but he somehow has a soft spot for these astonishing animals. Mother Nature can surprise us with the ingenuity some animals are capable of.

The large mammal knew exactly what was needed to be done to ensure the safety of her herd. But what was her mission all about? When you watch the video below it will become blatantly obvious what’s going on as soon as the monstrous Pachyderm lifts its dusty trunk.

Elephants around the world are declining in numbers, manly through the efforts of their only predator, human beings. The illegal poaching of these beautiful animals seems to be out of hand even though the authorities in many countries are fighting against it. It seems that some people prefer animal trophies over the real thing.

Once our heroine has managed to bring traffic to a standstill, and has got rid of the pesky pushbike peddler, she raises her trunk as if to signal the all clear, then out of nowhere comes her family hurriedly crossing the road. This video is more than likely going to be the only time you will see such an event, as this sort of interaction with people is very rare.

We are extremely lucky in our lives to have the power if the internet to see such incredible sights, so click on the link below and be amazed at this wonderful event, while doing so, say a little thank you to “Jasoprakas Debdas” for sharing his amazing footage with the world.