Elephant Falls Asleep Listening to His Caretaker’s Lullaby. He’s So AMAZING!

Music is a universal form of communication, through it a whole assortment of emotions can be expressed, from love, to nostalgia and white hot anger! To make the power of music even more amazing there are studies that show that it is even appreciated across species and just as much as it conveys emotions, it helps soothe and calm down our mood. Today’s story is an example of this incredible power. The twist? You get to see an adorable animal enjoying the effects of music!

Everyone remembers being lulled to sleep by their caretaker when they were infants, or at least have heard stories about how nothing but their mother’s voice was able to put them at ease. There are several advocates for this same activity, but for animals. In this case, there is a lullaby for a baby elephant, this might sound unbelievable, however once you see this video you’ll be a firm believer of the calming power of music!
Just watch as Lek, the caretaker for this elephant, sings a sweet lullaby to get her to sleep! Her gentle voice smoothly taking the elephant to the land of dreams, he even lies down to be caressed by Lek!

Check out this video if you are fan of elephants and enjoy m https://youtu.be/gPFJrYvnL-w

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