Elephant leads her blind friend on heartwarming journey around enclosure

Elephant leads her blind

At the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, two Asian elephants have formed an unbreakable bond that reveals the true meaning of friendship. Heartwarming footage captured their relationship at work.

The older elephant named Ploythong is blind in both eyes. Because of this, she has a difficult time moving around the wildlife enclosure and will often remain in one place.

That is, of course, until her best friend comes over to guide her. The younger elephant is named Chana, and she uses her voice to call Ploythong, who follows her around wherever she goes.

Elephant leads her blind

Together, Chana shows Ploythong where she can find food to eat. She directs her to the dirt area, where the elephants lift dirt in their long trunks and toss them over their backs.

Chana even takes Ploythong down to the river, where together they bathe in the ankle-deep water, enjoying the cool river and the time that they are able to spend with each other.

And when it is time to leave and move on to the next location, Chana calls out to Ploythong in her distinctive voice, then continues to voice direct Ploythong back to where they need to go.

It is a beautiful relationship between two Asian elephants. Despite the fact that they come from different bloodlines, it is clear that these elephants have a bond that runs deeper than blood.

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