Elephant Leaves Zoo After Two Decades. I Fell Out Of My Seat At Who She Saw Later.

Circuses featuring elephants as part of their acts are rightfully becoming relegated to the past. They have mistreated these gentle giants for decades. Unfortunately, for many of these pachyderms, it’s way too late. They have either died or are living life in misery due to the abuses they endured. For one elephant named Shirley, though, redemption and love came later for her.

Shirley has had a rough life. She was part of a traveling circus for many years. That was bad enough, but another elephant attacked her in a truly terrible incident. We see the lifelong results of that attack. Her ears are both torn to shreds and one of her back legs is at an odd angle and she can’t even put any weight on in when standing, leaving it to dangle like an old grey sock.

She had been staying at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo for over two decades, with Solomon being her primary caretaker. There came a day, though, when the staff members there realized that they couldn’t give her the best care, so they decided to send her to an elephant sanctuary. Solomon had to coax her into a truck, even using a chain with a winch to get her to move. Finally, she did and she went to the sanctuary. The story doesn’t end there.

You would think that it ends there, since that’s enough for a book right there. No, first Shirley saw another elephant up close for the first time in two decades. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, she also saw another elephant that was in the circus with her. How eager were they to hang out? They bent the bars between their stalls overnight. After that, after that they became inseparable for the rest of the video. Now that is enough story for three books…

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