Elephant Mom Sees 14 Wild Dogs Coming For Her Son. But Then She Does THIS… Incredible!

In a similar way to humans, elephants are famous for their incredibly strong social bonds and connections, and for their strong sense of family. Elephants in fact are the only species besides humans who honors and buries their dead after they’ve passed away. An elephant herd is tightly held, and everyone looks after each other to guarantee safety.

When trouble comes, elephant herds can even get together and collaborate to beat difficult odds. And if this idea seems a bit too hard to believe for you, you must watch the video below to convince yourself! If you don’t believe elephants have an amazing social capability after watching the following video, then I have nothing else to say!

A herd of elephants was recorded as they protected a baby from the pack from a bunch of wild dogs. There was only a few elephants, and they were greatly outnumbered by the pack of 14 wild dogs that approached one of the youngest ones of the pack. Wild dogs are not as friendly as their domesticated siblings, and the elephants knew that their baby was in great danger. You’ll have to see the ending for yourself!

Watch this shocking elephant collaboration and rescue in the video right below.

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