Elephant Moves His Trunk Into A Row Of Cans. But What They Hold Could Save His Life…

There’s an animal reservation in Bela Bela, South Africa, that’s unlike any other the world has ever seen. It isn’t your typical reserve that’s just really an open field with some sort of enclosing and protection. It’s a huge space that holds several animal species that live in it as a home, all together. The most famous members of this animal family are a small herd of 6 elephants who have a special talent.

Not everyone’s aware of this, but elephants throughout the world are being endangered by groups of poachers who hunt them down only for their skin and tusks. Countless elephants have had their lives ended abruptly only because of the selfish and ruthless hunting done by humans throughout their natural habitats in Africa and Asia, and the people of the Bela Bela reserve have trained their animals to try and prevent this horrible issue.

Using their incredible sense of smell that is stronger than even a dog’s, the elephants are trained to recognize the smell of poachers and hunters, and could be developed even more to help animals learn how to trace all sorts of dangers, beyond poachers. I never knew that an elephants sense of smell could save so many lives! Those majestic animals are always full of surprises.

You can learn all about the amazing Bela Bela reserve in the video right below here.

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