Elephant Notices Her Caretaker Being Attacked By Another Man And Reacts To Save Him

Elephants are magnificent animals and extremely intelligent. They have certain characteristics that have helped them connect with humans, not only their elephant counterparts. These gentle giants are known to be compassionate, emotional, and social. They are very intelligent as well and I think it is true that they never forget. Some enthusiasts even argue that their intelligence surpasses that of humans themselves, and sometimes when I watch them together and see how close they are and how they work together, I think this might be true. This video shows us the loving and caring part of an elephant.

Thongsri is a 17-year-old elephant from Chiang Mai, Thailand. And this adorable animal loves her caretaker. They have been together many years and have formed a close bond. When Thongsri saw one of the staff workers from her sanctuary attacking her caretaker, her reaction is beautiful to watch. The attack was staged, however Thongsri’s reaction was purely genuine. She thought the other person was trying to hurt her beloved caretaker and she took action to make sure that didn’t happen. Watching her kneel down to check on her human touched my heart! She reacts just as she would if someone was trying to hurt her own baby, and this is one of the reasons elephants are one of the most beloved animals in the world.

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