Elephant Pleads For Help After Shot By Poacher, Watch The Story Unfold…

Animals are intuitive, even wild ones. There have been cases of them coming up to a person, seeking help. I remember seeing a video about a duck who ran up to a police officer and led him to her chicks, who had fallen down a drain. I was astounded that she was able to do this. While that video flabbergasted me, I was NOT ready to see what happened here with this unlikely scenario.

We see an elephant walk up to a group of people. There’s a hole at the top of his head – he’s been shot by poachers and he seems to realize that this group of people give him a shot to live. They sedate him with a tranquilizer dart and go about the business of removing the bullet, which was infecting his brain. Afterwards, they apply medicine and it seems like he’s well on the mend, even rubbing up against a tree.

The video is not bloody at all. We do see the bullet hole in the elephant’s head, but the majority of the story unfolds via X-rays and is filmed from a distance. It was incredible that this pachyderm had the wherewithal to seek help in the first place. I’m so happy that this big fellow is now on the mend. Hopefully he remains protected and something similar does not happen again.

What really makes me angry is that the poachers are helping drive this noble creature to extinction. Their greed and arrogance is helping ensure that we may be among the last generation to see these animals walk the Earth. Then what? Will the people of the future just look at multimedia video, much like we look at pictures of animals like the dodo? These elephants must be brought back from the brink. I hope that it happens.

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