Elephant And Her Rescuer Were Separated For YEARS. When They Are Reunited? I Couldn’t Stop Crying.

There are all sorts of different animals in the world. And I think it’s safe to say that we have a sincere interest in almost all of them. People have been fascinated with animals for as long as we can remember and it shows in how we act that we are just captivated by them.

One animal in particular that people have always seem to have had a strong interest in are elephants. Elephants have always been a popular animal and a long standing favorite at every zoo that has an elephant exhibit. It’s easy to see why people are so infatuated with them. They are humongous animals that are incredibly intelligent and have a long standing memory. There are so many things that we love about elephants and yet there is still so much that we haven’t yet discovered about them.

In this video you will meet three different elephants. Their names are Shirley, Jenny and Tara. Shirley and Jenny have had a long history together which is explained in the video. The two elephants were kept in horrendous conditions in a traveling circus. Shirley had been there many years when Jenny was brought there as just a calf.

Somewhere along the way the two were separated and two decades past without the two friends seeing each other. Somehow Shirley was rescued and brought to the same rescue that was taking care of her long lost friend Jenny.

It was at the rescue that Tara was introduced to Shirley, who seemed to take a liking to her, but her main focus was on her friend Jenny. The two were kept in separate stalls that first night after their reunion and the two were so desperate to be with each other that they actually managed to bend the steel bars that separated them. The two best friends were finally together again!

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