This Elephant Sees A Man Attacking Her Caretaker. What She Does To Help Him? UNBELIEVABLE!

Elephants are one of the most amazing creatures on earth. These gentle giants have some incredible characteristics that have helped us bond with them. They are social, kind, and emotional. And their intelligence has often been compared to humans themselves.

Elephants are very protective of their young and other members of the herd as well, which could explain this elephant’s reaction to what she believes is her caretaker being attacked. The following video shows us how loving and protective they can be.

Meet Thongsri, a 17-year-old elephant from Chiang Mai, Thailand. This adorable elephant was basking out in the sun when she suddenly noticed that her caretaker was in trouble. One of the staff workers playfully attacked her caretaker, all in fun and joking around, and Thongsri came running to protect him. She comes running without hesitation to protect her friend and the staff worker realizes his mistake and takes off. I bet he won’t play around like this again!

Of course the attacking was staged, but the reaction of the elephant is 100% real. I love how she kneels down to check on him and make sure that he is not injured! These two have a really beautiful bond don’t they? It is common for elephants who are in captivity to bond with their caretakers because they are social animals and need companionship in order to be happy and emotionally satisfied.

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