When This Elephant Sees Someone Attacking Her Caretaker The Reaction She Has Is Amazing!

Elephants are incredible creatures. They are the largest land mammal that currently walks this earth. They are gentle giants who are kind and empathic. Anyone that has spent any time with an elephant will know how intelligent these creatures can be. But this video shows how loving these animals are.

Thongsri, a 17 year old elephant from Chiang Mai, Thailand, sees her caretaker being attacked. Her reaction to this event is really heartwarming to see how much she cares for her caretaker.

The attack was of course staged, to see what Thongsri’s reaction would be. Seeing the elephant run into protect her caretaker is a truly amazing sight. The best part of this video is right at the end when she kneels down to make sure that her caretaker is alright.

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