When No One Could Get This Elephant To Go To Sleep, She Steps In And Does THIS. WOW!

As you know, putting a baby to sleep can be a very difficult task. And while some people have figured out a trick to putting their baby to sleep, the task becomes even more difficult when it’s a baby elephant.

When baby elephant Faa Mai at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand has trouble falling asleep, you’ll know. She’s big enough to wake up a town.

But one animal care worker, Lek, has discovered a sure-fire method of putting the large mammal to sleep. She sings Faa Mai a lullaby.

Even though Faa Mai isn’t such a little girl anymore, she stills loves to have Lek lullaby her to sleep. She just seems to sleep better after hearing the song.

Every time Lek sits down next to the resting Faa Mai and starts to sing, the elephant drifts off into an even deeper sleep. Then she starts to snore very loud!

After a minute of this lullaby Faa Mai has completely fallen into a restful deep sleep. I don’t know about you but I wish I could sleep this deeply.

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