Elephants Are Amazing Animals! This Video Is An Adorable Example Of This!

Animals (including humans!) are incredible they all have amazing personalities and traits that make them fascinating. Amongst the many videos that illustrate this, I have a soft spot for elephants. Elephants have incredible memory, intelligence and range of emotion. Today’s story displays all of these characteristics!

Meet Thongsri, a 17-year-old elephant. He enjoys days in the sun, playing in her sanctuary home, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In this absolutely adorable video Thongsri is sharing shenanigans with her caretaker. It’s absolutely breathtaking to see the elephant immediately rushing to her caretaker’s side! It is obvious that they share an amazing bond.

Elephants have incredible family ties, and as mentioned are notoriously intelligent. They are very similar in this sense, to humans and thus they deserve to be treated with the same respect and adoration that dogs receive. They are able to discern themselves in their reflection and furthermore there seems to be a link between elephants and the cure to human cancer.

Enjoy this adorable video of this elephant enjoying life and the company of her human! It’ll definitely make you realize the some of the wonders found in the animal world!

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