Elephant’s Caretaker Is Attacked. What She Did To Save Him Was So Amazing.

It’s amazing the lengths pets will go to protect their mommies or daddies or anyone they deem to be in their charge. They are fearless. Remember the cat that flung herself at a dog that was trying to drag a boy away? They can be very selfless. That’s nothing though – the best guardian to have is a multi-ton elephant. Don’t think that’s true? Take a look at this video here taken in Thailand.

A guy points out the elephant’s caretaker to another guy. He then runs over to him and throws him to the ground. It’s a swift but brutal-looking attack. The perpetrator then flees from the scene as quickly as he arrived. The reasoning? A very large, angry elephant named Thonsri was running to the scene. The pachyderm is gentle with the caretaker, hovering over him as he tries to stand up. Eventually, he is able to get back on his feet.

The caretaker manages a sly thumbs-up right at the camera when the video ends. It was all planned, probably to show how devoted the elephant was to him. It was a dangerous prank though, because if the elephant was faster, the prankster could have wound up as paste in the dirt. I don’t think his caretaker would have been quick enough to yell “It’s a joke!” while the elephant was stomping on the guy.

Who knows what kind of conditions these men work in? Apparently, it’s a highly-revered job, but working with elephants all the time is extremely perilous. That might make some people have a kookier sense of humor than others. I wouldn’t even dream of doing anything to make the elephant mad. I sense some bad things happening if the elephant ever realizes that he was duped in that prank…

Wow. Thongsri was something else, wasn’t she? What did you think? Dumb prank or worthwhile joke? Tell us below!

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